Why Inventory Merchandising is Paramount

Why Inventory Merchandising is Paramount

People may not yet be buying new vehicles over the internet, but they certainly spend a lot of time browsing and researching online before making a purchase. According to recent research, consumers spend approximately 5.3 months in the market browsing new and used cars. In this time they will check out:

  • manufacturer information
  • car model descriptions
  • dealership information and car photos and data

The business of selling cars is changing. The days of the traditional car salesman with the pushy sales pitch are largely over. The successful car dealers of today are those who have invested in premium websites, photographs, videos and product descriptions that showcase their inventory in the most transparent and persuasive way possible. They are the ones who are embracing new technology by reaching out to customers online using social media, reviews and other compelling content that does much of the selling for them.

The Secret of Conversion is Transparency

When it comes to merchandising automotive inventory online, it is essential to give the customer as much information as possible. Purchasing a vehicle should be an enjoyable experience, but it can so often turn into a dreaded chore. When you market your inventory well you’ll make it a painless and positive process for the customer. Whether you are selling new or used inventory, transparent pricing, accurate data and premium quality photos and video can all work together to convert the interested consumer into a delighted paying one.

Buying a new or used vehicle is a huge decision for most consumers. Transparency can make all the difference between visitors abandoning your website or booking a test drive. Consumers want to be confident they are making the right decision, that the photographs they are viewing online are as close to the real thing as possible. You need to wow them with professional quality photographs that show off every curve, highlight every angle and showcase every feature of the vehicle perfectly. With today’s photography and display techniques, it’s possible to make photos appear so real it’s as if the customer were viewing the vehicle in person.

The More Detail the Better

When it comes to selling vehicles online, less is never more. Good auto dealer photographers will capture every inch of a vehicle, from tail lights to front bumpers and everything in between. They will focus on the bodywork, ensuring the color captured on camera is an exact representation of the vehicle in real life. They will create high definition photographs that can be zoomed into to view precise detailing and condition. You wouldn’t buy a vehicle without seeing it first, and neither would your customers. Give them a reason to book a test drive by providing images that do most of the selling for you. You simply cannot have too many photos.

From 360 degree video to in-depth product descriptions, you should treat every vehicle you sell as a showstopper regardless of its age or price tag. With the right content you will have consumers flooding to your lot to take a test drive.

Let Us Transform Your Inventory

At CarData Inc. our automotive photographers offer the highest quality photography services, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision. As an automotive advertising agency with years of experience, we specialize in advertising vehicles of all types and in helping our customers to merchandise their inventory for maximum viewings and conversions. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services and how we can help.



Better photos = Better customers

How are you going about taking photos of your inventory? 

Are you being fully transparent with the customer by taking pictures of imperfections on Pre-Owned vehicles?

Are you taking ACTUAL photos of your NEW car in-stock inventory so the customer isn’t upset when they come in and realize you don’t have the vehicle they were looking for?

The way you decide to take photographs of your inventory greatly affects the type of customer you attract. 

Is the car the star in each photo with minimal to no objects in the background? 

Are you taking photos of the KEY features of a vehicle to highlight what makes that vehicle possibly desirable to the online shopper?

Shoppers spend HOURS of time online researching and viewing vehicles before they ever leave the house. Your dealership should be winning over the trust of these online browsers by being open, transparent and informational about your products. There ARE ways of presenting your products (inventory) in a fashion so that browsers trust you and realize you are the dealer they want to give the 1st chance to.

Don’t Settle for “patchwork”

Do you currently settle on your inventory merchandising? Lackluster photo quality, waiting 24 or more hours for photographer to get cars online, waiting even longer for those vehicles to show up on various websites you pay thousands of dollars to per month for advertising? Do all of those things sound familiar? 

DON’T settle any longer, allow CarData to bring you the VERY BEST in automotive inventory merchandising!

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