*New Client Spotlight* Peacock Ford In Orlando, FL – CarData, Inc.

Peacock Ford called us in to help with their photography. They need a uniform professional solution and CarData, Inc. Provides exactly that!

CarData, Inc. – 888-454-6957 – www.cardata.us

Peacock Ford has a great location and is currently going through renovations to improve on the facility. All new management is putting the time & effort necessary to take this dealer to the next level!

Orlando is a very competitive market so as an auto retailer you must ensure you’re doing everything you can to differentiate yourself. Peacock is doing this by awesome merchandising techniques!

PEACOCK FORD – 1875 S. Orlando Ave Maitland, FL 32751 – WWW.PEACOCKFORD.COM

Edwin Gomez LinkedIN <— Edwin Gomez is handling this new client.

Ell Jay Lindsey LinkedIN <— Ell Jay Lindsey is overseeing the startup as well.


CarData, Inc. provides professional inventory merchandisingenhance (1)


Consultancy report claims CarGurus passes 2 major ad competitors

Please read this great article entailing CarGuru’s Team is doing an excellent Job!!!

Carguru's company logo_CarData Inc. inventory merchandising for automotive retailers. Full motion video, spincar 360, professional photography.



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