Consultancy report claims CarGurus passes 2 major ad competitors

Please read this great article entailing CarGuru’s Team is doing an excellent Job!!!

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Raul Carabeo wearing our TOP Salesperson belt. He closed the most deals in January and he doesn’t want to relinquish the title in February.

B2B doesn’t exist

Businesses are comprised of people. There is no B2B, only P2P. Provide your clients with the very best service and they will keep coming back and be loyal to your business. Lifelong friendships have been created through so called “B2B” relationships. At CarData we strive to provide the very best in service and recognize businesses are comprised of individuals and we cater our services to best support those individuals.

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Those 3 things are the most important to businesses. You must have the right People in place to implement the most effective, efficient Process of doing business that will positively impact your customers experience while buying your Product. If you are slacking in 1 of those areas it will show big time. People unfamiliar with our business of Inventory merchandising often ask “why don’t they just do it themselves?” And that is a legitimate question but my answer is typically always the same and goes something like this. Automotive retailers are good at selling cars, we are good at merchandising there cars so they can focus on the customers our efforts are helping to bring in the door. Why try to recreate the wheel when you can just implement it into your current scheme? That’s what we do, we operate in crazy unorganized environments and make it look easy! Check out our video testimonials at 

Virtual Reality will be the new reality

It’s only a matter of time before we all find ourselves interacting, buying, selling and doing almost everything in a VR world. It’s becoming closer everyday. The article below is one example of how VR technology could change the car buying experience forever!

Vroom Virtual Showroom

Vroom’s new virtual showroom is a gamechanger and big up’s to Vroom for staying ahead of the trend.