Every dealer has a re-conditioning process. Most don’t take the time to hone and perfect each cog in the wheel of that process. This leads to dealer managers frustrated with their performance but not being able to fix it. 

Create a clear, accountability driven process from the time a vehicle is taken possession of until it becomes front line ready and you’ll see turn times go down, sales & re-conditioning staff morale go up and profits increase.

Each step in your process should have a specific person or position appointed to be accountable for the vehicle during that step in the process. Set clear goals and guidelines and hold your staff accountable.

There are some great software options to help you keep organized like www.simplerecon.com or www.rapidrecon.com ; anything to help keep the process organized and everyone on-task will only be beneficial to your overall goal of reducing turn-time.

We take Processes seriously @ CarData and can help you with yours! 


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